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Want to support the Humane Society
and turn your rescue pet into a star?

It’s a snap. Literally. 

Here's how to enter:

✔️ Post a photo of your rescue pet and use #KwippYourRescue (this hashtag enters your pet)

✔️ Share the snap on Facebook or Instagram

✔️ Download the HSUS channel at

✔️ Sit back and wait to see if your pet has the panache to be turned into a custom Kwipp

- - - 

Let’s be real. Your pet has always been a star. The world just didn’t know it. Until now. To celebrate The Humane Society’s new channel on Kwippit, we’re turning your furry friends into app sensations and giving you the chance to share their rescue story.

The exclusive channel offers a fresh, fun way to send tailor-made messages (here’s where it gets good), while also spreading awareness of The Humane Society’s valuable work, and generating funds for transformative change. We’re talking vet programs, sanctuaries, emergency shelters, rescue efforts and much more.

All you have to do is subscribe to the HSUS channel on the Kwippit app for just $1.99/year, and 100% of net proceeds to the Humane Society.

Signing up to support your furry (feathered, or scaly) friends is a cinch. Just download the HSUS channel at

Forty furry (or feathered) friends will be chosen on Monday, December 18 to be turned into Kwipps.