Introducing the Humane Society channel on the Kwippit mobile app.

  • A creative new way to connect with the amazing women in your life.
  • Share your journey and empower others with customized messages.
  • Support and inspire the fearless females in your inner circle.

Personalized posts have limitless possibilities, with the power to be shared across all your favorite messaging and social channels.


What is Kwippit?


Getting Started with Kwippit

app STORE.png

1) Go to app store and search for Kwippit. 


2) Download the Kwippit app!


3) Open Messages.

App store icon.png

4) Click the App icon next to the text field.

app drawer.png

5) Click the  App Drawer icon in bottom left corner. 


6) If the Kwippit icon isn’t present in your Messages App Drawer, click the Store icon. 


7) Click the Manage tab. Click the Kwippit Slider to enable Kwippit in your Messages.


8) Click the Kwippit icon to access the Kwippit keyboard and search for any Kwip you want to customize. Tap, type, send!


How long is my free trial subscription?

Your free trial to the Susan G. Komen channel on Kwippit is free until December 31, 2017. At that time your subscription to the channel will shift to a $1.99 fee that renews annually.


Where does my $1.99 go when the Susan G. Komen channel shifts to a paid version in December 2017?

100% of proceeds go to Susan G. Komen from Kwippit after Apple’s charge of .30 cents is deducted for app store fees.  Kwippit keeps none of the funds.  


Is my subscription to a non-profit channel on Kwippit tax deductible?

Unfortunately no, your subscription to a nonprofit channel on Kwippit  is not tax deductible.  Your subscription fee is a payment to Kwippit for access a collection of branded images, with new and fresh imagery arriving throughout the year.  Kwippit pays a license fee to each brand partner, frequently an amount equal to the total annual subscription fees earned from that channel (less the app store fee).


How does Kwippit make money to support itself?

Kwippit currently generates very little revenue for itself.  Kwippit’s has plans for revenue generation that include subscription fees to be paid by consumers from channels that aren’t nonprofit focused, sponsorship fees from companies that pay fees to support images and channels on kwippit, and fees paid by companies to connectivity with users.  

Kwippit’s future plans for revenue are dependent upon Kwippit generating consumer support images from artists, nonprofits and brands.  


How are artists, non-profits and brands selected for inclusion on the Kwippit app?

At Kwippit, we evaluate artists, nonprofits and brands for inclusion on several carefully reviewed criteria including the following:  

1) Does the artist, nonprofit or brand contribute to the betterment of our society  

2) Does the artist, nonprofit or brand lend itself to relevant content for messaging

3) Does the artist, nonprofit or brand have a passionate consumer following

4) Does the artist, nonprofit or brand stay active in media and with followers?