New Messaging Technology, Kwippit, Launches to Connect Users to Unique Content from Nonprofits, Brands, and Artists

New Messaging Technology, Kwippit, Launches to Connect Users to Unique Content from Nonprofits, Brands, and Artists

Enabling Supporters to Share Customized Images Across Text Apps and Social Media Platforms


OCTOBER 5, 2017, SANTA BARBARA, CA -- New messaging mobile platform, Kwippit, launched today - bringing users a new way to communicate via customizable images. Kwippit’s innovative and image-driven technology includes dozens of channels that users can explore to discover new “Kwipps” (content on the app) from their favorite artists, people, and causes. Individuals can personalize their images, making the technology an exciting evolution beyond emojis and GIFs. It is a curated community in one convenient location where users can go to support and connect with friends, artists, brands, and nonprofits. For its launch, the platform has also partnered with artists such as National Cartoonists Society former President Daryl Cagle, Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai, and Saskia Wariner, creator of Sensitive Comics.

To date, Kwippit’s unique image-driven technology is the only platform of its kind that seamlessly integrates across social media and text messaging apps, providing users with a one stop shop way of sharing unique content.

“With over 20 billion texts sent per day, content messaging is clearly the preferred method of communication among millennials,” said Jim Adler, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer . “Kwippit recognizes this and brings our unique image-driven language right to people’s fingertips with a constantly changing gallery of content.”

Kwippit was built to be a conduit for meaningful and creative relationships and partnerships through content messaging. Kwippit’s partnerships with nonprofits is one of the most unique anchors of the technology. Later this year, the tech-for-good platform will launch several nonprofit channels to continue to build support and rally awareness around the causes that their users care most about. Supporters will be able to subscribe to Kwippit’s nonprofit channels, most for $1.99/year. Kwippit provides 100% of the net proceeds from each channel to its nonprofit partners.

“It is a vehicle for change that will help nonprofits develop robust digital communities and connect with a younger and more socially active audience,” said Krista Treide, Kwippit’s Chief Brand Officer. “Kwippit believes that a small action by one, combined with the actions of others, can create powerful and long-term positive change.”




Kwippit is an innovative technology that allows users to personalize and share customized images for next-level messaging. It is an evolution beyond emojis and GIFs and includes dozens of free channels that users can explore to discover new Kwipps from their favorite artists, people, brands and causes. Later this year, Kwippit will launch premium paid channels enabling users to further support the causes they care most about - Kwippit will pay 100% of proceeds to its nonprofit partners. The nonprofit channels provide organizations with access to the digital space alongside larger and younger audiences. Kwippit celebrates personalized communication and works across all social media platforms and messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, etc.) The app is poised to be the next frontier for sharing content and connecting friends, brands, artists, and nonprofits via messaging. For more information, visit Download at


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