Who we are...

Kwippit is the digital content network for messaging.


What we do...

Kwippit delivers original digital content produced by its studio and partners — artists, non-profits, media companies, celebrities, sports franchises & brands — that consumers can use across all messaging, texting, social media and collaboration platforms.


Why it matters...

There is an opportunity for people to engage with and support the organizations they value through their daily messaging.


Why it's better...

With Kwippit, regardless of which messaging app a consumer chooses, the micro-actions of that one person combined with the similar actions of others can positively impact the world — one message at time.

How it works...

By simply subscribing to a channel for as little as a buck or two a year, people can choose to make a difference every time they text, post, snap, tweet, or share.


Kwippit works with some of the most effective nonprofits, brands and artists in the world to develop content that can positively impact the world — one message at a time. We also partner with Artists such as SnyderNY, Yoni Alter, Laurène Boglio, Lizzie Campbell, Alexandra Citrin, Robin Eisenberg, Carolyn Figel, Louisa Kewell, Geo Law, Al Murphy, Justin Poulter, Maori Sakai, Gabriella Sanchez, and Libby VanderPloeg.


Featured Partner

Kwippit and the Elton John AIDS Foundation have joined forces to promote awareness and raise funds for EJAF through exclusive content on the app. 100% of the profit funds EJAF and its efforts. Together, we will launch the "Butterfly Effect of Hearts" campaign in December 2017.

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