About Take a Ride Media Contact Artist application

Kwippit believes that kick-ass images should be part of every conversation 

Kwippit is a form of expression linking our honored guests with the world’s best image and GIF makers and because it's based on texting it can travel anywhere and to anyone, whether they have the app or not. Our users can make each image their own and send to everyone across all media and apps. 

Kwippit is all about the image creators.  Our job is to recognize, promote and protect the image creators work fairly. If as we hope, the best images will eventually be used by millions, that is widespread recognition.   

This is the place to apply if you would like to be considered as a contributing image creator
What follows are a few tips and a form to register and a place to submit up to 3 images of your own work that you think might work as a Kwippit for review.  

We hope you can join us to help give life to Kwippit and what just might be the best way to spread your work and reputation

The rights to all images remain yours. The samples you send will not be used in any way but to review your work. If you are invited to submit, you will be given access to the Kwippit image creator site where images are loaded for curation and eventually to the app itself. The image creator site keeps track of use and suggests what’s hot with users… and what’s not. 

We are currently english only, but will be adding other languages soon as the app is launched and begins to spreads globally. As it does, we will have need for image creators from cultures around the world.

What makes a great Kwippit image? Impact is one of the main ingredients in the recipe for a successful Kwippit image. It should should leave a lasting impression on any user. We want positive  impact, we’re not looking to shock or offend, more to giggle, to smile and most of all to deliberately trigger and express a common emotion or feeling. 

Consider the user Your image will take on a new life and added impact when the user adds their message. The images that will most often be selected will be those that prompt messaging, those which elicit an emotion. There needs to be a reason for the user to select, this could be an event, an emotion, a  message or a passion that your image can help enhance or express. Make them say, ‘i love it… that’s me!’ 

Style Illustration, cartoons, photography of all kinds and short animated gifs can all work if they help users communicate their feelings and thoughts.

Think screen size and proportion The main impact will be on a mobile screen, small and vertical. Detail will always be limited by size, The size of any horizontal images will limited by its width. The user will need to type a message, above, below, along side on any image, so consider that when cropping. That said, the creation and curation teams can make most images work within the screen limitations.  

And finally...

One of the visual trademarks of a Kwippit is a clean outline on a white or transparent background.

We’re looking for emotion-filled images that can be used to express a feeling.  

Kwippit can be in color, black and white, 3D, flat, photographic, illustrated or a mix of all the above, but It must inspire a certain emotion without hate pornography, bullying or extreme and graphic violence.  

Think playful, fun and positive. 

Users are able to add their own message directly on the image, so remember to leave a blank area for the type.  

Whether it’s above, below or on top of the graphic itself, a space should be clearly designated for the user-generated text. 


What is a kwippit? 

A kwippit is a creative graphic representation of a conversational term, feeling or thought.

Kwippits are like emojis on steroids; they are communication tools designed to clearly represent thoughts, emotions or feelings that come up during messaging interactions between the user and his personal contacts like friends, family, co-workers etc. 


What makes a great kwippit?

Conversational application
Communicational relevance
Cross-demographic appeal
Clear emotional content
Positive impact
Cultural value
Artistic style


What does a kwippit look like?

The visual trademark of a kwippit is a clean outlined graphic isolated on a white background.

Kwippits can float freely within the canvas or they can bleed off one or multiple sides. 

It may be a photograph, line-cut, manipulated image, illustration, cartoon, or animated GIF.


House Rules

No divisive or hateful content
No graphic violence
No pornography
No bullying
Think playful, fun and positive!


If you would like to apply to be a Kwippit contributing image creator, please send your information and as many as 3 images by clicking on the following form. Our curation team will review get back to you as soon as we can. Your image is for artist review and not for submittal to the app. 


“I grant Kwippit the right to copy and use the images and information I submit for the purpose of evaluating my art for inclusion in Kwippit’s services. If Kwippit would like to include my art in Kwippit’s services, Kwippit will invite me to enter into a separate agreement to license the images I submit. If Kwippit chooses to not include my art in its services, Kwippit will inform me and Kwippit may retain a record of the images and information I have submitted as part of Kwippit’s business records.“

When you are finished filling in the registration form and dragging 1 to 3 image or GIF files to this page just tap "submit"

Still images

Accepted File Types: JPG

Color mode: RGB

Max size: 250kb

Resolution: 72ppi

Dimensions: 400x530px

Animated GIFs

Accepted File Types: GIF

Max size: 250kb

Resolution: 72ppi

Dimensions: 400x530px